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New Zealand, it is arguably the greatest country on the planet!  Unfortunately there are only just over 4 million of us!  So if you are a New Zealand manufacturer that isn’t a huge market.  Expand your market by exporting! 
We Kiwi’s are known the world over for being hard-working, inventive and skilled craftsmen.  Take advantage of this reputation.  There are other countries all over the world that may see the value of purchasing kiwi made products.
It doesn’t take 80 days to get around the world anymore!  Although we are geographically isolated, we aren’t on another planet!  Via Airfreight you can get your goods to any part of the world within days.  Even via seafreight some of our biggest trade partners are in easy reach, Australia in 4 days, Asia and USA in 14 days. 


It isn’t as hard as you think!  Malcolm’s makes exporting easy.  We can take care of your shipment from the moment it leaves your door to the moment it is delivered in Outer Mongolia (should that be the destination!).     
We are a registered air cargo agent (RACA) with the Civil Aviation Authority.  We are located near the airport so if you need cargo exported fast we can operate on a very short turnaround time.

We specialize in exports to the Pacific Islands.  We pack our own FAK containers to Apia.  If you want to pack your own container, we can offer you our warehouse facility to consolidate your cargo and then we can pack the container to your specification.                
Do you ship Dangerous Goods?  If so we are more than prepared.  Our subsidiary Dangerous Goods Management operates within our facility.  They have over 15 years experience in packing, labeling and certifying Dangerous Goods for export.  
So think outside the coastlines.  Contact us today regarding your exporting requirements.   

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