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With over 170 years of customs clearance knowledge currently in the Malcolm’s team we have the answer for all your customs clearance, duty and GST questions.

Customs clearance is the core competency of Malcolm Logistics and has been since the company was founded over 25 years ago.

We have the capacity and the knowledge to clear any commercial goods at any time.

Because we deal directly with New Zealand customs using the most efficient process possible (EDI) our goods can enter or exit the country in the minimal amount of time achievable.

Why Our Clients Work With Us

  • We have saved companies thousands of dollars in the past that they would not have been aware of by filling out a simple form.
  • We can advise you pre-shipment of all the costs throughout the whole process.
  • Import and Export Duties & Taxes, Customs and Exise Rates and GST questions are answered on a daily basis.   
Reducing Delays
We have 8 fully licenced friendly customs brokers in the Malcolm family who can assist with all questions. The quicker we get the goods customs cleared the quicker you or your customer can get the goods. Therefore we have invested copious amounts of time making sure this process is as streamlined as possible. We are delighted to be one of the industry leaders in this field.    
Thoroughness of your customs clearance is an important component we realised early. Because we have an remarkable history with NZ customs there is less of a chance of being targeted by random inspections. Malcolm’s is currently using the most up market computer processing systems to ensure we are ahead of the game.
We also have and can develop systems, databases and procedures tailored to the individual to continue to improve this process.  
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