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Container Chain

News: 4 May 2015

There has been discussion in the Freight Forwarding industry about Empty Container Parks looking to introduce a container booking system the return of empty import containers and uplift of empty export containers.

As of May the 4th 2015 this will be a reality for Metrobox and Specialised Containers at Saville Drive. More depots will follow with this change in due course. The system is called Container Chain and is currently used in the majority of empty container parks within Australia.

The following will apply to the new change:

• Bookings will have to be made for the return of empty import container’s and the uplift of empty export container’s.

• This could create delays of up to 72 hours while bookings are confirmed by the container parks.

• This is going to create pressure on the Supply Chain as additional time will be needed from you to notify us of when the container will be empty so we can make a booking.

• We all want to avoid detention on containers so the more time you provide us for the empty container notification (min 3 business days) the more chance we have to (hopefully) secure the return booking without incurring detention.

• The cost is still under discussion so we will update you when these are confirmed.

Will the empty container parks improve their service?  Hard to quantify until a few months of trading under the system, however the trucking industry is watching this and will be demanding improved service.

When we have more details from the Empty Container Parks on how this is going to work, we will be in touch. In the meantime please think about emptying your import containers and notifying us as soon as possible, so we can dehire them without any detention.

Please contact your Malcolm Total Logistics representative on 0800 786 786 if you have any further queries.

News added by: Morne Ferreira on 4 May 2015


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