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Important Message from our Carrier Carr & Haslam Limited Regarding Container Cartage

16 March 2015

We have been advised that from 1 May 2015 a fee based booking system will operate at the Empty Container depots in Auckland.
The implications of this are far reaching, and will result in significant cost increases, and performance changes.
The fee structure has not been set yet, but working on the estimated and known costs of administration, despatch and transport changes we estimate that the increased costs will create an extra charge per container of around $20 to $25.
Equally significant will be the requirement to make bookings for the return/uplift of every container, and this may create delays of up to 72 hours before containers can be either uplifted or dehired.
Clearly container detention will be a major component of this, and we will not be able to dehire containers quickly, nor accept any charges for detention for 3 working days from notification.
Another component of this will be site space at customer’s premises, and considerable coordination will be required to ensure some sites operate smoothly. Containers can be held at our premises pending uplift or dehire to assist at reasonable charges.
This change will be one of the most significant changes in container freight charging and logistics for many years and will create significant “turbulence” in the shipping and transport sectors operationally and financially.
We do not face this charge alone, as everybody will have the same hurdles.
You can rest assured that we have done all that we could to avoid these charges, and will now do all we can to operate effectively in what will be a very different operating environment.
I will background the issues around this change in a separate note.
We regret that we cannot absorb any of these costs and will need to pass these on when the booking system commences operation.
Chris Carr
Carr & Haslam Limited

News added by: Morne Ferreira 16 March 2015

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