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Container Chain

26 March 2015

Over the past couple of years, there has been talk about empty container congestion in container parks across Auckland and thus introducing a container booking system.
The booking system is now a very real outcome for empty container parks in Auckland due to congestion at depots.
Container chain is used in most of the empty container parks throughout Australia.
There is still a lot for us to learn and understand about container chain which makes it somewhat hard for us to inform you on what the impact will be.
We do however know that there will be a significant cost to dehiring an import container and on hiring an export container going forward.
The other significant change is that bookings for the return/uplift of every container. This could create delays of up to 72 hours while transport operators request a booking.
We are currently working with the empty container parks to understand how the rules and the system will impact us all and what the final cost per container will be. Once we know the final details, we will inform you immediately.
At this stage, the empty container booking system may start operating from 1st of May 2015, however this date is tentative and is yet to be confirmed.
We will update you over the coming weeks, we cannot absorb any of these new costs, and will need to pass the charge on once the booking system commences.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Malcolm Total Logistics representative on 0800 786 786.

News added by: Morne Ferreira 26 March 2015

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