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Port Los Angeles and Port Long beach congestion

News: 20 January 2015 

Port Los Angeles and Port Long beach congestion has existed for many months on the US West Coast and has worsened since the Christmas and New Year's holidays.
Delays are occurring in every aspect of the supply chain, covering both export and import transactions up and down the West Coast, including Seattle, Tacoma, Oakland San Francisco, Los Angeles and Long Beach.
Ships are often at anchor for days awaiting berthing, unloading and loading the vessel is taking longer than ever, containers are being buried in closed areas, there is a lack of chassis and qualified drivers..
On top of the structural problems that are already existing, the ongoing labour dispute between employers (PMA) and longshoremen (ILWU) has gotten worse, despite the mutual agreement to allow a mediator, appointed by the federal government, to intervene in an attempt to resolve the issues that have caused them to be working without a contract for the past seven months.
The battle has intensified this week, with both sides accusing the other of causing the current situation.
We will continue to keep you current with regular updates related to this ongoing situation which is causing unprecedented delays and financial burdens to all parties involved in ocean transportation via the US West Coast.
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News added by: Morne Ferreira on 20 January 2015

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