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Delays at Port of Auckland

News: 12 February 2015

One of our respected carriers, Chris Carr from Carr and Haslam Ltd, has advised us of severe delays being experienced at Auckland port as follows:

There have been significant delays at Ports of Auckland for the past week.

Truck turnaround times, which are normally in the 15-30 minute range, have stretched to 180-240 minutes. The Port website advises that turn times are around 47 minutes, but these are measured from the time of entry to the Port Gate, and do not account for the waiting time outside the Port

We are advised that the serious congestion has been caused by a run on from the calamitous delays in the west Coast of USA. The vessel delays there have run into Auckland, with ships arriving out of window, and thus causing congestion here.
The effect here is that our service levels to you are severely compromised as we simply cannot deliver when there are huge delays. This pushes everything back, and means that your containers will arrive later than we planned to deliver them to you.

Every day that there are delays means that the congestion is compounded by the number of containers that were not delivered previously. The Port cannot service us, and we cannot service you.

Regrettably the situation is that simple and it is beyond our control.

Ports of Auckland have made allowances for demurrage, and this should reduce any charges on that front.
The shipping companies have not made any concessions on detention to my knowledge, and that is rather unfortunate, given that their delays are the cause of the problem.

At this stage we will not be adding any waiting charges, but given the margins that we work with we may have to revisit this issue if the days continue past this weekend.

We will continue to do the best we can until the congestion eases, but we know that with Port road delivery performance so compromised it will not be possible to deliver our regular service. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can.

News added by: Morne Ferreira 12 February 2015

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