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Los Angeles and Long Beach Port Congestion

22 November 2014

Please note there is still severe port congestion at Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports, which remains at record levels. The congestion is still having an impact on US Rail and US trucking network.

There are a number of factors contributing to this congestion, such as desperate shortage of trucks, a lack of chassis equipment, an increase in volumes, larger vessel landings resulting in added labour requirements with more containers discharging and loading.
Vessels are being delayed physically sailing from the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports by 7-10 days at present and containers moving to Los Angeles on US Rail are likely to be delayed upon arrival at Los Angeles rail-head. Containers are being re-scheduled and shipping lines are reporting delays.
There is no sign of the congestion easing in the near future. The short-term outlook is not positive for any change, so we recommend that you allow for longer delivery times. Please feel free to contact your Malcolm Total Logistics representative on 08700 786 786 if you have any questions.

News Added by: Morne Ferreira on 22 November 2014

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