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20 March 2014

Malcolm Total Logistics handled its first Rally car in 1985. We had been successful in obtaining VW Rally Team’s business. This was a real coup for a fledgling company of 2-3 people.

Over time, in a sport where performance and results equate to credibility, we became known as being experts in this difficult (and very stressful) field, pulling out all the stops to make the impossible happen year after year. Each event required many very late nights and weekends, and as a consequence our reputation grew with an ever growing list of overseas factory teams, which has included:

  • VW Europe
  • Team Toyota Europe
  • Mazda Europe
  • Citroen
  • Peugeot
  • Ford
  • Mitsubishi Europe

In addition we’ve handled many privateers from all over the world, some of whom we’ve subsidised as recognition of our commitment to the event.

Rally New Zealand recognised the unique position of trust we enjoyed with the teams, and with NZ Customs, by appointing us the Official Customs Broker for the event.

In the “old days” a factory team like Toyota or Mazda would fly in 100-120 people, rally cars, practice cars, reconnaissance cars, service vans, even trucks.

We’d help arrange everything from accommodation, workshops, mechanics, van drivers & helicopters – nothing was too much trouble.

They’d have several thousand wheels and tyres (typically 6-8 40ft containers), with their own crew (usually Italians from Pirelli or French from Michelin) quite separate from the teams. Now days a team is allowed 35 tyres for the whole event, so things have really changed.

In recent years, in an effort to keep costs down, the event has become much smaller, with cars and gear usually arriving a week – 10 days before the Rally starts. Virtually everything has left the country 2-3 days after the event finishes, often within hours of crossing the line.

The factory teams fly most of their gear in & out, each backed up with a few containers of gear that goes to every second event (they usually have 2-3 sets of everything that leapfrog each other from event to event). Our people handle all the paper work and freight, co-ordinating NZ Customs & quarantine procedures, and generally making sure everything happens as and when it should.

Each car is in pristine condition when it arrives, which is certainly not the case a week later when they leave. After 500kms flat out on NZ roads, a full rebuild is usually required, with many new panels and components to be replaced, a complete repaint, and new decals to top it off.

We’re pleased and proud to have consistently contributed to making Rally NZ a success each time it has been held here, and intend being involved for many years to come.

Below are images and footage of our work and the event:

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