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Motor Vehicle Imports

20 February 2014

Traditionally motor vehicle imports into New Zealand have been a very good gauge of the state of the economy, and the optimism of the buying public – quite simply, if people are anxious or nervous, they simply do not buy cars (new or second hand).
That being the case, the indicators are that the economy is booming.

Using statistics provided by NZTA (see below) it is interesting to note the massive fluctuations over the years (and the numbers indicated are combined totals for new and used):

Year 1000’s
1973 103
1981 91
1985 84
1990 159
1994 123
1999 189
2004 228
2010 150
2013 181

It is 10 years since the total exceeded 200,000, and indicators are that after a record 22100 registrations in March, 2014 will be a boom year. Interestingly, with 11,235 new vehicles, and 10865 second hand imports, the numbers are nearly equally split. 

According to a report prepared in April by research firm, Infometrics, Second hand imports are 35% up on March 2013 and at their highest monthly level since July 2008.

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