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MPI: New treatment requirements for imports from United States

29 December 2014

From 24 December 2014, new and used cars, trucks, machinery, boats and parts imported from the United States must be treated before being shipped to New Zealand. This will be irrespective of the date it was dispatched from USA.

Any break bulk vehicles or equipment already on its way to New Zealand will be considered on a case by case basis.  Should they be permitted to land (and this is not a certainty) they will require treatment at the port of arrival.
Vehicles and equipment being loaded in USA (break bulk or RORO) as from today will be expected to comply with the Import Health Standard. 

For details about the new treatment requirements, read the import health standard.
Download the IHS for vehicles, machinery, and tyres [PDF, 2.6 MB]

Treatment requirements were introduced after several infestations of brown marmorated stink bugs were found in vehicle and part consignments from the United States.

This import process is for:
new and used cars, and other vehicles
- new and used tyres
- rural and building machinery
- equipment and parts
- aircraft arriving as cargo
- seacraft arriving as cargo

News added by: David Benjamin on 29 December 2014

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