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Importing : Cost reduction Checklist

10 August 2014

1) Use a very good Customs / Freight Broker – preferably one with no vested interests (that means us!). An independent broker should be able to offer a number of options, sailings, transits, allowing the client to choose what suits them best. Typically, a multi-national forwarder will offer ONE option – the one that suits THEM best – never mind what is best for the client.

2) Get a quote, inclusive of everything, before you start – that way there will be no surprises.

3) Pay all charges locally – many shippers, particularly from Asia, will offer to pay the freight, which will then appear on the invoice with the goods to the importer. In reality, the forwarder is often paying the shipper a “back-hander”, with a far greater “collection fee’ being imposed when the shipment arrives in New Zealand – often adding 50%-75% to the total shipment costs.

4) Get a Deferred Payment account. NZ Customs offers a free credit facility to regular importers who pass a credit check. Credit of up to 50 days is available (depending on where in the cycle shipments arrive), and a fact sheet is linked below. For further information contact or DDI 09 255 1706

5) Marine Insurance. Most regular importers have an Open Marine Policy in place, usually through an insurance broker (and we can offer referrals), just in case loss or damage occurs in transit. We usually will not handle uninsured shipments unless the client signs an indemnity, on the basis that any claims must be dealt with on an “Insurance company to insurance company” basis.

News added by: Morne Ferreira on 10 August 2014

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