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Chargeable Weights

What does Chargeable Weight Mean?
Airlines charge according to the Chargeable Weight of a shipment.  The Chargeable Weight is the Actual Gross Weight or the Volumetric Weight of the shipment – whichever is the greater. 
Typically, large items with a light overall weight take up more space on an aircraft than a small, heavy item.  That’s why the Airlines charge according to Chargeable Weight.
How do I figure out the Chargeable Weight?
Easy – either ask us when we arrange your shipment – or, use the below step by step instructions to work it out:-

  1. Work out the Actual Gross Weight of your shipment by popping it onto weighing scales. 
The weight on the scales = Actual Gross Weight.

  2. Measure your shipment, then work out Volumetric Weight using the formula:-
Volumetric Weight in kgs =  (Length x Width x Height in centimeters) / 6000

  3.Compare answer in step 1 to answer in step 2 – the Chargeable Weight is the greater of the two.  This is the amount of kgs the Airline will charge.

Let us now determine the chargeable weight of the cargo in the following example:-
Company ABC is planning an import shipment into New Zealand from Company XYZ in Australia.  The shipment consists of 3 boxes, each weighing 15kgs, and each measuring 48cm (length) x 34cm (width) x 34cm (height).
Using our instructions above:-
  1. Actual Gross Weight = 3 boxes x 15kgs each = total 45kgs
  2. Volumetric Weight in kgs = (48 x 34 x 34cm) x 3 boxes / 6000 = 27.74kgs
  3. 45kgs is greater than 27.74kgs so the Chargeable Weight will be 45kgs
We strongly recommend that our clients calculate the Chargeable Weight for all Airfreight shipments to avoid nasty surprises when the freight bill arrives.