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Simon's Overseas Experience

Simon's Story

Since finishing high school I was wasn’t’ certain about what career path I wanted to take. I attended university for two years studying business before deciding that full time study was not for me.  I approached Malcolm Total Logistics 3 years ago about their cadetship programme that helps you develop a wide aspect of skills in all departments in the freight and logistics industry. These include Customs, Customer Service, Accounts, Sales, Transport and Admin etc. After two interviews with Don Malcolm and other senior management I was offered a position and I have not looked back since.


After signing the contract and getting ready for my first day I will admit I was extremely nervous due to having no history with working in the Logistics industry at all. However the team at Malcolms who I now consider my 9-5 family were extremely welcoming. I could tell from the get go that I was going to enjoy working here as the staff who were training me had all been at the company for longer than 5 years, which shows great employee retention and commitment in an indutry where there is a lot of competition to retain staff.


After successfully completing the 3 years and proving yourself as a committed employee Don Malcolm helped fund an overseas adventure through central Europe. This trip is the final stage of your training as it exposes you to many different experiences and challenges that you wouldn’t be able to do in New Zealand. I explored some of the biggest travel hubs and ports in the world such as Hong Kong, the port of Dover and many others.


The biggest contribution from Don was the funding of a Contiki, which is a group travel experience that takes 50 like-minded strangers from around the world on a two-week high-energy trip through central Europe. The places I visited to name a few were London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Munich and Amsterdam. The trip may have been only two weeks long but the people I met, the places I saw made all the time spent on airplanes and buses worthwhile. The highlight of my trip was visiting Rome and learning about the detailed and intricate history of the city.

The picture below shows myself and friends from my Contiki group in Monaco. Monaco was a true education into how the other half live. 
Simon Contiki

To all those unsure on what they want to do upon leaving college I would highly recommend the cadet programme at Malcolm Total Logistics as a future career path. You will learn all the tools needed to become successful in the industry and join a working family that makes everyday interesting and enjoyable.

Simon Ferguson

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