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Michael's Overseas Experience

Michael's Story

It is a nerve-racking feeling knowing another chapter of your life is coming to a close and you are faced with getting your first career orientated job. I am not afraid to admit that I was very nervous walking into Malcolm Total Logistics for the first interview. Three authoritative and highly respected members of senior management filed the room with eyes of interest, professionalism and poise.

After signing the contract I quickly learnt that working in a company where you can interact with every staff member is a decision that pays its dividends quickly. Some of my fellow graduates were chopping and changing companies quickly but I knew after getting to know my new secondary ‘family’ I wasn't’t going anywhere. This was reconfirmed after getting to know colleagues who had been working there since the very beginning, or close too. It is no surprise that Malcolm’s boast one of the lowest levels of staff turnover in this notoriously promiscuous freight forwarding and logistics industry.
Malcolm’s has a minimum three year plan where each trainee is moved around within the company, exposed to different functions, and develops a wide range of skills. This also helps them decide on which path to specialise in, which may include Customs, Logistics, Transport, Admin, Sales, etc. These are all attractive experiences and learning opportunities but the one most important aspect I am grateful for is the working philosophies engraved deep into my personality.
After this three year period Don Malcolm generously funded an overseas adventure that enabled me to see multiple countries in the European continent. In this time I enjoyed some unique experiences and broadening my worldly perspective. One unique experience was at the transport museum in Switzerland (see image below). Where I was able to absorb more about the rich history of transport and how important it has been to all cultures many, many years ago.

The above picture on the right was taken while walking around Venice, Italy. It shows a DHL boat trying to squeeze up the canals. Wherever you are in the world the transport and logistics industry is evident and I am very grateful for the experiences I had at Malcolm’s that amplified my passion for this industry.

To those reading this that have just left school or university and are interested in logistics, I highly recommend Malcolm Total Logistics as a future career path, not only will you learn and experience new valuable tools but also meet some wonderful people and further grow your personality. 

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