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Jarrett's Overseas Experience

Jarrett’s Story
After finishing Yr 13 at College I decided that I wanted to go into the working world to gain experience and of course start earning money. I was lucky enough to find a company called DGM after talking with my school rugby coach, about careers and opportunities.

He talked about the business he was in and explained the cadetship. From there I was given the opportunity to have an interview with Don Malcolm, Managing Director.

Luckily I was accepted and began working the following week. I was very fortunate to get this job as I had just finished school with no back ground experience of the freight industry or dangerous goods. I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn about a business from the bottom up and earn some money and figure out what I wanted to do. Little to my knowledge did I think I would be here three and a half years later, enjoying everything that I have accomplished and working with some great people!

The first week at DGM was a huge experience and a real eye opener as to what the real world and day to day work life was like. As an 18 year old I did not think much about the idea of “real work” and thought I would breeze through it. Little did I know that the days were long and the work was hard.

I was mentored by the operations team, learning bits of pieces of what they do day in day out trying to learn as much as possible. At first it was a lot to take in however as time went on I moved into a routine and the work became easier which meant I was allowed to take on more responsibility. As time progressed I adapted to different tasks and responsibilities moving my way further up the chain through hard work and the support and help around me from co workers.
I was also then given a great opportunity to attend university from Don Malcolm to further my career in the business and give me a further understanding of how a business should be run, which I am currently still working on.

Then one day out of the blue I was given a fantastic opportunity from Don who offered to support me on an overseas experience to Europe. I decided to take a Contiki adventure across Europe and spent two and a half weeks in England visiting family, don’t worry I was born in New Zealand!
At first I was just looking at going to visit family who I had not seen in almost three years and did not even consider doing a Contiki. When it was suggested I thought it would be a great idea, I jumped at the opportunity and found out that Europe is amazing. Don then offered to fund the entire trip, I was absolutely blown away and did not think this would happen and to this day I am so grateful for helping me out as it was a once in a lifetime experience!

I went on the Contiki on my own and don’t regret it for one second; I  met some amazing people that I will hopefully see again and had my eyes opened at what the world could offer. I went during May and June so the weather was good, not too hot, not too cold! The trip consisted of France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, covering a few different cities in each country. My top three were Monaco (due the Grand Prix being on when we were there, money city!), Rome and Munich.

Over all, the trip to Europe was the best experience ever and can’t wait to go back!

I have enjoyed my time at DGM, and have been given great opportunities by a more than generous Managing Director and look forward to the years to come in a great company! Now it’s time for more hard work and study, bring it on! Thanks Don.


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