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Cadet Programme

We have always believed that it is our young people who will secure the future of the company, particularly as we live in an ever changing world, where experience and knowledge are inevitably superseded by technology.
With that in mind, we employ several school leavers each year to train in the “Malcolm Way”, with our values and beliefs being paramount. A great deal of effort is put into identifying the right candidates, and even then, because our expectations are high, we know there will be those who don’t make it.
The ultimate objective is for trainees to progress and become young managers in the future, so this process is critical.
We have a three year plan where each trainee is moved around within the company, exposed to different functions, and will develop a wide range of skills. This also helps them decide on which path to specialise in, which may include Customs, Logistics, Transport, Admin, Sales, etc.
During this period, trainees are strongly encouraged to enrol for external study, which is 100% subsidised by the company.
Having successfully completed three years, and having attained an external qualification, trainees qualify for a 6 week Contiki trip to Europe as a celebration of a successful rite of passage, but also to expose trainees to the real world.

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