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Malcolm Scholarship

Malcolm Total Logistics supports a number of charitable organisations – in fact as a sole trader twenty five years ago, Don Malcolm made the decision to contribute a percentage of the companies proceeds to charities.  This policy has continued through today and we remain a good corporate citizen to all major charities in our community
Amongst others, we direct a fair amount of funding to various organisations that focus on young people, particularly the Police Blue Light Program, and we are the major financial supporters of Bluelight and Youth Aid at Glen Innes, Howick and Otara.
One of Don’s sons did Outward Bound a couple of years ago, and found it extremely beneficial. As a result we’ve decided to add an annual “scholarship” as part of our programme.
This scholarship is in addition to what is already in place, mainly because we do not want to “Rob Peter to pay Paul”, and we are reluctant to take funding away from the other organisations that contribute so much to the community.
Don (through his family trust) is extending the invitation to our clients (and other respected members of the community, including Blue Light) to put forward the names of young people who may be interested.  Ideally, we’d like applications in by the end of November each year so plans can be made for the new year.  Our one regret is that our resources are limited, so we cannot extend the scheme beyond one annual scholarship at this point.

Please direct any applications to and check out what’s on offer at:-

  NZ BlueLight                  Outward Bound


Joseph's Outward Bound Experiance.


The whole experience of Outwards Bounds was new to me. Most of the actives such as Kayaking, tramping, high ropes, sailing and rock climbing to mention a few were things which I’d never contemplated doing before.

All of these took me well out of my comfort zone and were both mentally changeling as well as physically.

The mental aspect was a surprise and at first was hard to overcome (the fear of failing). As the course went on it became easier to control this fear and new challenges became easier.
If I told myself I could do ‘something’ over and over I found that that impossible become achievable and was really just mind over matter.

The biggest thing I’ve gained is a confidence to speak out. This I can apply this to the work place and I feel confident to suggest things where normally I would have kept ideas to myself. Also opportunities within work I feel more confident to apply for.

I believe I’ve grown manly in confidence with been able to break down cultural stereotypes I thought people would have about me and to have confidence with the person I am and not with the person I thought people may think I am due to my Samoan heritage.

A lot of the activities done on Outward Bound I do not think I would do again but I enjoyed learning new skills such as Rock Climbing but more importantly the knowledge that I can achieve seemingly impossible things if I put my mind to it.

I learnt so much from Outward Bound that I would recommended to my friends, family and work mates to go on one of these courses to learn from the experience.

Thanks to all for helping me get on to this course and your support.