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Counties Customs & Cargo



Malcolm Total Logistics Ltd dates back to the mid-1980’s, and is a locally owned company still operated by its founder and staff of many years (15, 20, 25, 30 years tenure is not uncommon). We are a Company of about 60 people, with a strong focus on family values and an ethos of “Do unto others”, and a hard earned reputation for integrity as a consequence.


The CCC team are all long term employees of Malcolm Total Logistics (, a company with strength in International Freight, Customs, Warehousing and Local Cartage.


We’re ever mindful of the pressures faced by our work family, in in particular, the cost of housing close to where our people work, and the ever increasing time spent commuting. We have people who commute from Pukekohe, Pokeno, Tuakau, Buckland, Patumahoe, Karaka, Kingseat, Papakura – in fact, from all over the district, headed for one of our Airport facilities, or to our head office at Half Moon Bay.


Rather than addressing the needs of Kiwis, many of our peers in the industry (some big multi-nationals, but also many “local companies” are going flat out exporting jobs to 3rd world countries in order to increase profitability. Replace several good paying Kiwis with lowly paid Filipino’s , Malay’s or Chinese and the bottom line shows a marked impact. We refuse to do this, placing more value on our people and where others choose to dump jobs, we are prepared to invest in them.


In addition, we believe the Counties region deserves a strong local presence, somewhere local businesses can turn for professional and unbiased advice – hence the name Counties Customs and Cargo.


The CCC team have been given the opportunity to:


  1. To operate a locally focused business that is specifically dedicated to and represents their neighbours, those people who live and work with the same geographical area as they do – not 60kms - 100kms away.
  2. By focusing on this specific area, a real determination to reduce transit times and costs (we operate our own fleet of trucks) – businesses in Counties will notice a change in mind set, better options, more competitive pricing and few delays
  3. To offer local businesses the opportunity to “spend locally” which in turn helps generate jobs, and to stimulate the local economy
  4. To be recognised in the local community as worthwhile contributors, both professionally and socially – we have a strong and proven history in this regards and we’re determined that CCC will follow suit
  5. To provide employment opportunities for local people, from cadets (check out through to industry veterans looking for meaningful roles within the community in which they live.
  6. For our people to be able to spend the hours previously spent commuting doing something more productive, with their families or within the community.


How can the business community be sure we’ll always present the best and most cost effective options?


This is a very easy question for us to answer. Every job we handle carries our guarantee – if you’re not happy, you only pay what you think a job was worth (and naturally some conditions regards disbursements apply) .


Although we’re proud to admit that our team of professionals at Counties Customs & Cargo are all girls, we’re also determined that they’ll earn the right to be recognised as the “Go to Guys” for all matters pertaining to International freight within the community.

Where are we located: The corner of Stadium Drive and Hall Street, Pukekohe

Contact:  or 0800 786 786